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  • Giftcards

    Our Gift Card printing service is a one stop shop solution. We can design, provide a sample card, backing cards, Gift card stands and provide (if required) a gift card management solution.

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  • Loyalty Cards

    We provide a range of plastic loyalty card services. We can supply cards from a minimum order of 500 cards to over 1 million cards with backing cards and custom colour card stands.

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  • Discount Cards

    Discount cards used at the point of sale, eliminate discount fraud. They allow you to establish a customer base to market exclusive offers and in turn reduces your advertising costs.

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  • Loyalty Solutions

    Deploy a One card or AA Rewards type loyalty programme. Used worldwide by corporate companies and Goverments we can customize our solutions to suit your programme requirements.

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We also provide CRM Gift Card Programs


Our CRM Real-time Gift Card Software has been designed to help retailers, card issuers and loyalty operators acquire and retain customers by facilitating and automating the implementation and day-to-day management of a powerful retail gift card scheme.

More specifically, the CRM Gift Card software enables companies to extend their gift card scheme to loyalty instantly by activating the loyalty function.

Once activated your business can choose to run targeted points, discount or cash rewards to customers in real time at the point of sale (POS).

To begin acquiring customers all you need to do is ask the customer presenting a gift card, if they would like to join your loyalty program.

Our CRM Software has been designed to allow complete personalisation, from every customer relationship, comprehensive big data capture and customer intelligence.

The entire solution is a essential solution to tighten the relationship with the customer and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Highly configurable, turnkey web platform to execute gift card transactions right at your point of sale or online.

  • Build a comprehensive loyalty database of cardholders by converting gift card related customers to loyalty customers. This can increase sales, influence cardholder spending and drive your sales.

  • Improve your customer retention by offering gift cards as an incentive. Buy today for X and receive a $20 gift card.

  • Issue store credits or refunds to your branded gift card to lock in that repeat sale

  • Replace your paper driven gift voucher and deploy a state of the art gift card point of sale solution.

  • Create opportunities to work in cooperation with your partner network and design a high-impact coalition gift card scheme. We give you the tools to collaborate with your partners to leverage your business network.


  • Cardholder Accounts

    (Cardholders can log in to check their account transaction history and balances.

  • Gift Card Redemption Rules

    (e.g. Set a minimum spend amount, minimum top up, and balance & card expiration.

  • Settlement & Accounting

     Each store (if more than one store), can login using their own user ID and Password to view reports. You can see what cards still have balances. Cards that have expired, which have generated breakage and you can see with ease the total outstanding value that is yet to be redeemed.

    We provide powerful features to monitor every aspect of your gift card program.


  • Software Setup Fees

    Setup is FREE
    WE DONT charge per transaction fees.

    In fact you could have a customer swipe a card 100 times and it would never cost you a cent for each transaction made.
    Our only requirements are; you must purchase your plastic gift cards from us. (Quote Provided Upon Request / Price relative to volume ordered)
    You must get our secure API installed on your computer point of sale till. This can be easily implemented by your Point of Sale company. You don’t need to worry about any technical bits to get running.

  • Real-time integration - eliminate Eftpos Transaction Fees

    Our gift card solution uses a powerful CRM loyalty engine that uses secure web services to communicate directly to your Point of Sale till. All data is fully encrypted. The same API can be extended so your gift card service can be used online. Let customers redeem your gift card online for goods or services you offer on your website, via a 3rd party website or even extend the service by building gift card payments into your company App.

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