NZ Custom Prepaid Cards

Our EFTPOS Prepaid Debit Card can be used at over 80,000 retailers / merchants who operate 140,000 + EFTPOS machines in New Zealand.

Funds can be redeemed by doing a purchase transaction using any Eftpos Terminal in New Zealand in exchange for a product or service.



Choose a Prepaid Card Solution that matches your Business Requirements

Shopper Prepaid Eftpos Debit Card

Order Prepaid Shopper Cards. Top up the cards with any value. The receiver can redeem the card value at any retailer in New Zealand by doing an Eftpos Terminal Payment Transaction.

Branded Prepaid Eftpos Debit Card

Get your own Branded Prepaid Eftpos Debit Cards. Fully branded with your company logo and company colours. Full Settlement Service included. Branded Check Balance Page

Corporate Prepaid Reward Debit Card

 Launch a Staff Incentive Card, Survey Reward Card, Hospitality Event Card, Staff Expense Card, Christmas Club Card, Cashback Card, the choice is endless. Fully Branded.

Become a Prepaid Eftpos Debit Card Issuer

Start your own Scheme. Choose between “Redeem Anywhere” or “Redeem Only at Selected Retailers”. Full Settlement Services, Fully Hosted & Branded Prepaid Scheme.

Gift Card & Prepaid Card Features

Prepaid Card Accounts and Gift Card Accounts have the following Account features

Register your Card

Register to protect your Card.

Prepaid PIN Number

Login to change your PIN.

Get Card Balance.

Login to see your Card Balance.

Get Transaction History

Login to see Transaction Logs.

Prepaid Card Support

Generate a Support Ticket.

One Account

Add new cards in one Account.

Special Offers

Get special offers.


Detailed FAQ Page.

Payment Networks

Verifone or Paymark Terminals.


All cards have PIN Security.

Prepaid Card Demo

Take a closer look in more detail

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Read what customers are saying

happy customer

"Easy to use, it's absolutely brilliant!"

- Sue Lue 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"I like the security of a PIN when i redeem, it protects my money!"

- Nathan 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"As a retailer, i get the full amount settled to my bank, no deductions unlike Visa or Mastercard transactions!"

- Anna L. 5/5 Stars!

NZ Prepaid Card Solution

New Zealand Owned and Operated

NZ Custom Prepaid Cards

NZ Custom Prepaid Cards